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Leasing of medical equipment


Supplier of medical equipment must meet the following requirements:

to have a license to engage in pharmaceutical activities;

to possess professional qualifications and experience in the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Kazakhstan for at least one year (this requirement does not apply to manufacturers);

to have the necessary financial, material and human resources to fulfill the obligations under the contracts;

to have legal capacity to conclude contracts;

to be solvent, not be subject to liquidation, its financial and economic activities must not be suspended in accordance with the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the time of procurement;

not be included in the list of unfair potential suppliers;

should have the status of the manufacturer or official representative of the manufacturer proposed to the procurement of medicines, preventive (immunobiological, diagnostic, disinfectant) drugs and/or medical products and medical equipment;

not to have tax arrears for a period exceeding three months.

At the offer must be:

specified date, number KP, the name of the organization health and terms of payment ;

validity period of the KP;

the warranty period is not less than 37 months;

specified the place of delivery (DDP);

indicated prices and the number of all components of medical equipment, affecting the formation of the cost of medical equipment;

delivery time must be listed in accordance with the actual dates as planning reimbursement of lease payments by the Committee of payment of medical services of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out in accordance with the terms of delivery.

in the supply of medical equipment supplied starter set consumables (for commissioning);

Suppliers of medical equipment must:

to provide health care organizations with full information about cost of consumables and their annual demand, so as to further the medical equipment acquired through leasing consumables are procured from own resources of health care organizations.

Suppliers of medical equipment need to pay attention to the correctness of the documentation for medical equipment:

Upon receipt of the certificate of primary to require verification of compliance name of medical equipment registration certificate; Upon receipt of the registration certificate to pay attention to the conformity and completeness of the translation of the names of medical equipment original name of medical technology in the language of the country of manufacture;

When applying for the manufacturer of medical equipment to pay attention to the unification of the names of medical equipment in the certificate of origin and certificate of registration;

In order to avoid a free transfer, when the transfer of the certificate of origin to provide the interpreter registration certificate of medical equipment in the state and/or Russian language.