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Leasing of medical equipment
Kuat Rakhimov: "The company takes all measures for the convenience of the leasing recipients."

Joint Stock Company "KazMedTech" is a company whose main activity is connected with financial leasing of medical equipment for healthcare organizations of Kazakhstan. Today, through us, in the organization of public health services on the terms of financial leasing, transferred about 700 units of medical equipment. As a result of the tender, the state shareholding of JSC "KazMedTech" in the amount of 100% of the charter capital for trust management for a period of 3 years with the right of subsequent repurchase was transferred to the trust management of LLP "Alatau Bolashak".
Today, we want to introduce you to one of the heads of the structural divisions of the JSC - the director of the department for administrative and legal work Kuat Rakhimov. He has extensive experience in the field of jurisprudence. Prior to joining KazMedTech, Kuat worked in the private sector, government agencies, the quasi-public sector, and also in the medical organization.
Today he will talk about the changes in the joint-stock company from a legal point of view.

Kuat Nurtazanovich, tell us, what are the advantages of purchasing medical equipment in leasing?
Leasing, as a financial instrument, is simple and well known. However, in recent years, the scale of its use in our country has been growing rapidly both quantitatively and qualitatively.
To begin with, I will try to explain what is leasing, to whom and why it is needed. Leasing is the purchase of goods in installments. But there is one nuance. Usually we imagine installments in this way: the seller gave me the goods, it is mine now, I use it, but I pay the money a little. In the case of leasing, there is a subtlety that can be significant. Yes, the buyer physically disposes of the goods and uses it in full, but legally the goods do not belong to him, that is, if he does not have a business, say, the buyer can return the goods back.
What we have figured out is leasing, now I want to stop on the advantages of leasing:
First, it will require a minimum start-up capital investment and will not need to seize a large amount of cash resources from working capital;
Secondly, the acquired subject of leasing is the only collateral for the transaction;
Thirdly, leasing payments are related to production costs, which reduces the taxable base, and a long installment substantially reduces the amount of regular payments and allows you to manage your assets more rationally;
Fourthly, after the expiration of the term of the financial leasing agreement and payment of all lease payments, the leased asset becomes the property of the Lessee;
And, finally, fifthly, often state medical organizations do not have the opportunity to purchase expensive equipment at once, therefore, in order not to postpone the provision of high-quality medical services to their population, organizations can buy it in leasing and use "here and now."

Kuat Nurtazanovich, can you please tell us what is being done to improve the leasing system?
- Today, the Company is shortening the terms of consideration of leasing projects, for which appropriate changes are made to the company's internal regulatory documents.
The Company has organized and implemented live broadcasts of the investment committee, which makes the procedure for making decisions on leasing projects transparent.
- In addition, in order to reduce the burden on the budget, the Company is proposing changes to Government Decree No. 1729 dated October 30, 2009, to improve the procurement of medical equipment for leasing, insofar as excluding the range of costs of medical equipment (at present, medical equipment is being leased from 5 up to 50 million tenge).
In February of this year, JSC "KazMedTech" established a Working Group for the development of the Draft Code "On the Health of the People and the Healthcare System" in a new version within the framework of the initiative project. To develop the project, the Company attracts manufacturers, suppliers of medical equipment, healthcare organizations, as well as other interested persons.
The company takes all measures for the convenience of lessees.

What activities do you take in order to automate business processes?
- The main change in this part is the creation and launch of the new site of the company, in our opinion, we made it as convenient for customers and partners as possible.
Since 2014 the Company has implemented an automated system "Management of a leasing company", which allows to automate the process of reviewing leasing projects, to observe the principle of single-entry registration of documents.
In 2017, a module was added to automate the paid examination of the optimal technical characteristics. This service is carried out by the Company according to the Methodology for the implementation of the expert evaluation of the optimal technical characteristics and the clinical and technical feasibility of medical equipment approved by the Order of the Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 29, 2015 No. 428.
In 2018, it is planned to create a unified security system that will allow to exclude unauthorized access to internal documents of the Company. Intellectual property rights will be formalized on this system.
In addition, the Company plans to create a system for tracking medical equipment using QR-codes.

- Your department works in two directions, the first is legal issues, the second - the administrative and economic part. Based on the second line of activity, please tell us what is done in your company to create favorable working conditions and strengthen the corporate spirit of employees?
"Human resources decide everything." Efficiency of any company's activity directly depends on the quality of management of various resources. One of the most important strategic resources is staff (human resources), with it highly skilled and motivated employees, committed to long-term cooperation. We strive to create the best team of professionals by quality hiring, continuous improvement of the professional level of our employees and ensuring better working conditions. Every year, we invest in human resources in the form of training, further training, and internships. We share experience with subordinate health organizations, internal training. We constantly study external experience in personnel management and improve our system of motivation and motivation of employees, we try to create comfort even at the everyday level. For example, most recently we moved to a new office, took into account the inconveniences of the "open space office" for concentrated and productive work and switched to an office system.
In parallel, we form a cohesive and healthy team. According to the President's Address to the people of Kazakhstan, our company actively supports the idea of disease prevention orientation, rather than expensive hospital treatment. To this end, we introduced the practice of compulsory daily morning gymnastics, almost every weekend we spend for sports.
We also focus on the youth policy. We invite young ambitious specialists to realize themselves in our Company.

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