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Leasing of medical equipment


On November 28, 2018, JSC " Kazmedtech "held a meeting-presentation on the basis of the state enterprise on PCV" city polyclinic №1 "of West Kazakhstan region on the topic" an Integrated approach to the equipment of medical equipment of the health care system " with the participation of representatives of the Chamber of entrepreneurs of West Kazakhstan region, management and employees of administrative and financial departments of health care organizations.

The following issues were discussed at the meeting::

- inflated cost of purchased medical equipment;

- lack of data on the real need for medical equipment;

- unreasonable complete set at purchase of medical equipment.

As a result of these problematic issues in practice there is a purchase of unnecessary medical equipment, its simple purchase at unreasonably high cost, the lack of provision of some medical services.

To resolve the issues raised by JSC "Kazmedtech" was presented an integrated approach to the equipment of medical equipment, which includes:

1. Formation of a database on the availability and degree of wear of medical equipment, with the receipt of the health organization report on equipment.

2. Departure to the organization of health care for the purpose of visual assessment of the available medical equipment, determination of final need and specification of number of examinations of optimum technical characteristics and clinical and technical justification of medical equipment.

3. Carrying out the above examinations.

Also during the meeting, it was explained about the possibility of purchasing services for an integrated approach to the equipment of medical equipment in accordance with the requirements of the legislation on public procurement in a single source.

The participants of the meeting expressed mutual interest in future cooperation.

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