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Leasing of medical equipment
Corporate Fund "University Medical Center" is interested in leasing system of JSC "KazMedTech"
he management meeting of JSC "KazMedTech" with the Corporate Foundation ...
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Employees of JSC "KazMedTech" held a seminar in Zhambyl region
The topic of the seminar: "Operation of medical equipment purchased ...
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Kuat Rakhimov: "The company takes all measures for the convenience of the leasing recipients."
Joint Stock Company "KazMedTech" is a company whose main activity is ...
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The regional perinatal center acquired a device called "Retrocamet Retinal Pediatric Camera Retcam Shuttle"
SUC on LEA "Regional Perinatal Center" of the Health Department ...
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The leasing system of JSC "KazMedTech" is a convenient tool for purchasing medical equipment
Leasing is an investment tool that allows an enterprise...
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JSC “KazMedTech” will be transferred to the trust management of “Alatau Bolashak” LLP
As a result of the tender, the state shareholding of JSC "KazMedTech" ...
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