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Leasing of medical equipment

1. The possession of civil pravosobstvennikov for the contract;

2. The lack of non-performance or improper performance of current liabilities;

3. Services inpatient care;

4. The availability of staffing professionals with experience or trained to work on the requested medical technology or the development organization ` health appropriate plan of training specialists and commitments for its implementation;

5. The presence of areas relevant to the engineering and communication requirements for the requested medical technology or the development of health organization, an appropriate plan of measures on preparation of facilities and availability commitments for its implementation;

6. Addressing issues related to funding for consumables and other expenses for the operation of medical equipment;

7. The reasonable needs of the acquisition of medical equipment. Under the criterion of the reasonable needs of the health organization refers to the annual compliance requirement (total number of actual services similar to medical technology or projected service for the requested medical equipment) annual throughput of medical equipment.