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Leasing of medical equipment

Dear Lessee,

From the date of a reception-transmission of medical equipment your organization of health care will become the full partner of JSC Kazmedtekh in leasing of medical equipment. The department of monitoring and control of JSC Kazmedtekh will accompany the project before the termination of period of validity of the contract of financial leasing.

1. Reception and transmission of medical equipment

Admission - Transfer of medical equipment produced in the presence of representatives of the three parties: the Supplier, the Lessee (you) and the Lessor (JSC "KazMedTeh"). Sign a tripartite acceptance report (Annex 2 to the financial leasing contract) one copy for each party.

At reception - transfer of medical equipment necessary to pay attention to the respective host your art technical specification (Annex 1 to the Contract of financial leasing).

In the case of factory defects, lack of a kit to medical technology fills inconsistencies act, which also is signed by the three parties. Admission - Transfer of medical equipment in this case will be carried out only after complete removal of the Supplier identified inconsistencies.

Until the date of transfer and acceptance Supplier shall install (put and run), medical equipment and trained medical staff either work on it. You must also obtain from the supplier of the full information on purchasing supplies, to ensure uninterrupted operation of medical equipment. Be sure to check the contact details of the regional manager of the Supplier.

At the signing of the lease payment schedule (Annex 3 to the financial leasing contract) it is necessary to pay attention to the date of commencement of operation of medical equipment and the number of medical services that must be performed in a month for a full refund of the lease payments from the territorial department of the Committee of payment for medical services (hereinafter – TD CPMS ) or Department of Health (hereinafter - DH).

After receiving necessary medical equipment:

1. Enter into a contract of insurance of medical equipment. The requirements in the insurance contract and most insurance companies are listed in Annex 4 to the financial leasing contract. The agreement must be concluded within 10 working days after the receipt of medical equipment. One original copy of the insurance contract be transferred to the JSC "KazMedTeh."

2. Enter into a supplementary agreement with TD CPMS / DH to the Treaty on services of GVFMC. Addendum to the Agreement with TD CPMS / DH you will sign on every year. To conclude supplementary agreements with TD CPMS / DH you are required to present the TD CPMS / DH ultrasonic following documents:

A) A copy of a financial leasing contract;

B) A copy of the signed payment schedule;

С) A copy of the act of reception and transmission.

 If you buy the leased several units of medical equipment, the medical equipment on each individual must conclude an additional agreement on the annual amount of lease payments for this medical technology.

2. Operation of medical equipment

Work on medical equipment purchased on lease, you should start as of the date of commissioning, which is specified in the signed your lease payment schedule. The date of commissioning of medical equipment you agree the staff of "KazMedTeh" before coming to the handover.

2.1. How to start working and properly arrange the services rendered

To enable you to document the services rendered to the medical equipment leasing, it is necessary to order the stamp with the code of medical technology and with the following text: "With the use of medical equipment leasing" and create a separate "log on medical services equipment leasing." Also, keep a record according to the order number 907 of 23 November 2010 (23.11.2010) "On approval of forms of primary medical records of health care organizations", where medical staff will register all services rendered.

Code assigned to medical technology of "KazMedTeh" and you will be notified upon receipt - transfer.

Service rendered is recorded:

• The primary medical documentation - medical staff to provide services must affix a stamp on the primary medical documentation (for example, the conclusion of the results of analysis or ultrasound) and stamped with the seal of put it in the medical history of the patient inpatient or outpatient (in accordance with the Rules of payment for medical services rendered by the authorized body ).

• In the "Journal of registration of medical services equipment leasing", which must be directly from the medical technology, medical personnel, services rendered, an appropriate entry.


2.2. Adding details ERI ("The electronic register of inpatients")

TD CPMS / DH reimburse the lease payments on the basis of the monthly accounts registries. For a correct account number of services, all of the data on services during the month of medical services for medical equipment leasing is necessary to introduce ERI ("Electronic Register inpatients') / IS "Rural Health"/  IS "Onkoregistr"/ IS  “Polyclinic”. «The data made medical history written out by stationary or outpatient patient.

The list of medical services that can be provided for this type of medical equipment, introduced in ERI ("Electronic Register inpatients') / IS "Rural Health"/  IS "Onkoregistr"/ IS  “Polyclinic” staff of "KazMedTeh" according to information about medical services that you used in the clinical technical justification (CTJ) project, or in accordance with your letter with a list of medical services with the codes in the event of a change Task setters health services approved by The Ministry of healthcare and social development of the republic of Kazakhstan.

For details on entering data in ERI presented in the presentation of "Compensation for the lease payments", which was carried out by our staff at the reception sending medical equipment. This presentation is also available on the website of "KazMedTeh" in “Lessees”

In the absence of codes in ERI You, need a written appeal to the Representative office of JSC KazMedTeh, requesting the inclusion of medical services and the code of service program ERI. Upon receipt of this letter, a new medical service will be introduced on the same day and will be ERI ("Electronic Register inpatients') / IS "Rural Health"/ IS "Onkoregistr"/ IS “Polyclinic” after the upgrade. If the service has not appeared necessary to apply to the regional or head RCHD.

3. Reimbursement of the lease payments and the order of payment of "KazMedTeh"

3.1. Reimbursement of lease payments from the TD CPMS / DH reimburse the lease payment Health Organization for the medical equipment acquired under finance leases, in accordance with Government Resolution № 2030 from 07.12.2009g.

Reimbursement of the lease payment is directly related to the implementation of the planned number of medical services in the month specified in the lease payment schedule:

A) When you plan for 100% - reimbursement will be made in full. If you perform a number of routine health services, up to the 10th day of the month, together with the payment service provider for the GVFMC TD CPMS / DH produce 100% reimbursement of the amount of lease payments for the reporting month.

B) Where the plan - if you do not fulfill the plan, you will be refunded the amount of the lease payment amount commensurate perform medical services that you have in the reporting month. Note that in this case you will have to pay the remaining amount of the lease payment to JSC "KazMedTeh" at their own expense a hospital (except for funds to pay for services for GVFMC, for example, paid services).

C) When the plan by more than 100% - if you exceeded the plan, the amount of compensation will be one monthly lease payment under the lease payment schedule.

The amount of services rendered is recognized in the accounts, registers, which you represent at the end of the month in the TD CPMS / DH for payment of GVFMC. In ERI ("Electronic Register inpatients') / IS "Rural Health"/ IS "Onkoregistr"/ IS “Polyclinic” should reflect the reality was the number of health care providers, despite the fact that the maximum amount of compensation to be one month lease payment.

JSC "KazMedTeh" also monitors the implementation of the full scope of the claimed in CPMS medical services, as assembly of equipment (software sensors) and, consequently, its price formed on the basis of your stated types of medical services.

3.2. Payment of lease payments to the JSC "KazMedTeh"

Lease payments should be paid to the JSC "KazMedTeh" not later than the 20th day of the month following the reporting one. For example, if you rendered services from 1 to 31 May, then until June 10, you should get a refund of the lease payment from the TD CPMS, and until June 20 to pay the lease payments to the JSC "KazMedTeh."

Since you signed an additional agreement with your bank to automatically debit the current account, the lease payment will be automatically transferred to the Bank of "KazMedTeh." You will need to ensure that only the minimum balance in the amount of the lease payment on your current account (under the terms of a financial leasing contract).

If you have not yet signed an additional agreement with the Bank, you have to pay your own lease payment of "KazMedTeh" before the 20th day of the month according to the lease payment schedule. The score of "KazMedTeh" specified in your contract of financial leasing.

The lease payment of 100% is payable under Schedule not later than the 20th of the month. The date of payment is the date of receipt of funds at the expense of "KazMedTeh." If you receive a partial refund of the lease payment from the TD CPMS, you need to pay the remaining amount to the full lease payment at its own expense a hospital.

If you are overdue or incomplete paid amount of the lease payment, you will be assessed a penalty of 0.1% on the amount of debt for each day of delay.

3.3. Responsibility for late payment and non-payment of lease payments

With the signing of the contract of financial leasing You also assume the obligation to pay the lease payments. In case of late payment, you will be assessed a penalty that you must pay at their own expense a hospital. If you are 2 times or more past due lease payments, or will pay lease payments in the amount of incomplete, this is a wake-up call for the lessor. We always find out the reasons for such cases. In critical situations, the Lessor will be forced to take action until the withdrawal of the leased asset.

4. Preservation of medical equipment and the removal of a malfunction

4.1. Responsibility for the safety of medical equipment

Prior to execution of Lessee obligations under capital leases and the full repayment of the lease payments, medical equipment is the property of "KazMedTeh." In no event it is impossible to sell, lease or transfer for use to third parties (other health organizations). Responsibility for the safety of medical equipment shall be immediately lessee.

4.2. Broken medical equipment

If medical equipment is broken, you need the same day to inform the Lessor and suppliers of medical equipment. Supplier you send a request for the removal of faults with its full description, JSC "KazMedTeh" send written notification of faults. On your equipment warranty is valid in accordance with the lease agreement, for which the repair is carried out by the Supplier.

4.3. Payment of lease payments in the period of malfunction of medical equipment

Even if you do not provide medical services during the failure of medical equipment, it does not relieve the Lessee's obligations under the lease payments.

Thus, in the case of fault of the Supplier malfunction of medical equipment and long to fix it, you have the right to demand from the Supplier the remaining amount of the lease payment is not refunded as a result of TD CPMS Failure to plan medical services due to a malfunction of medical equipment (in accordance with Art. 9 and Art . 572 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Art. 12 and Article 14 of the Law "On Financial Leasing" and finance lease contracts). 

5. Accounting for medical services.

Accounting for the amount of medical services rendered to the MT as follows. In providing services to the patient ventilator for several days in the basis for calculating the amount of services rendered received the number of calendar days of the provision of medical services. If a patient for one day produce a one-time provision of services ventilator or services of mechanical ventilation occurred at certain time intervals, in which case the basis for calculating the amount of services rendered received the number of connections to the patient MT.

Applying this method of counting the number of health services to specifically ask a question, said:

1. When connecting the patient to the MT at 16:00 hours the first day and disconnecting it from the apparatus at 10:00 of the second day to the account taken two services;

2. in finding the patient on MT three and a half days is necessary to make the registration of the four services;

3. used to calculate the number of calendar days.

6. Transfer of medical equipment to the property of the Lessee

After full repayment of the lease payments stipulated in the contract of financial leasing, and registration of the relevant documents, medical equipment will be transferred to the ownership of the lessee.

 If you have any additional questions or need more information, you can contact the Department of monitoring and control / Representative office of JSC "KazMedTeh" supervising your region:

АО «КазМедТех»

тел 8(7172)695500 (вн.-_______)